What do you need to take advantage of PLRSiteBuilder? Not much:

  • A desktop computer with Java support. Java is free and is available for Windows (Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, ME), Macintosh (OS 10.4 and higher) and Linux desktops.
  • A domain and hosting for each site. The hosting service must support PHP — almost all services do. No database is required.


PLRSiteBuilder can be used by any Internet marketer!


It's More Than A Templating System!

You may be wondering what's so special about PLRSiteBuilder compared to the other templating systems that are out there already. But that's the wrong comparison to make — PLRSiteBuilder isn't a simple templating system!

PLRSiteBuilder is incredibly flexible. You can easily change the entire look and feel of the site just by changing a file or two. You can add new content and regenerate the site at any point. You can insert AdSense ads wherever you want in the content — do you want the ads to show up immediately after the second paragraph? Easy!

And here's another neat feature: content is automatically cross-linked. That's right, PLRSiteBuilder goes and inserts links between the content pages based on keywords in the titles. Which helps you with the search engines (they love internal linking) and also with keeping users on your site.

Plus, it also automatically generates a Google Sitemap file for the site!

Want more features? How about a special AdSense test mode that lets you see how your pages look without having the AdSense crawler visit them prematurely... perfect for fine-tuning your content and not being stuck with the wrong ads!